Tor Onion Service In A Reverse Proxy Environment

This article describes a possible implementation design of a Tor Onion Service on an already existing web service behind an HTTPS reverse proxy. The goal is to have the same reverse proxied site available over the regular web as well as over the Tor network but without any security compromises on either connection way. The scenario is a server with nginx as reverse proxy and a web service bound to localhost. »

Go Fitness In An Iframe

A while ago I got another piece of obfuscated and suspicious JavaScript code embedded at the bottom of a site somewhere in the internet. There are several similarities between this code and the code of a piece of malicious code I analysed earlier regarding construction style and the usage of JS standard functions. Although this one uses another obfuscation approach and is fully functional. Reason enough to take a closer look! »

A Restaurant Serves Harmless Maleware Code

Recently I stumbled over some malware code embedded in a WordPress site. The obfuscated code caught my attention, so I dug into it. This article sheds some light into the darkness of browser behaviour, JavaScript mess and layered obfuscation. The malicious JavaScript code, which I reverse engineered, lied on a local restaurant’s WordPress site. It had a simple structure of a variable, two standard JS functions and a Base64 encoded string of 23. »