Go Fitness In An Iframe

A while ago I got another piece of obfuscated and suspicious JavaScript code embedded at the bottom of a site somewhere in the internet. There are several similarities between this code and the code of a piece of malicious code I analysed earlier regarding construction style and the usage of JS standard functions. Although this one uses another obfuscation approach and is fully functional. Reason enough to take a closer look! »

A Restaurant Serves Harmless Maleware Code

Recently I stumbled over some malware code embedded in a WordPress site. The obfuscated code caught my attention, so I dug into it. This article sheds some light into the darkness of browser behaviour, JavaScript mess and layered obfuscation. The malicious JavaScript code, which I reverse engineered, lied on a local restaurant’s WordPress site. It had a simple structure of a variable, two standard JS functions and a Base64 encoded string of 23. »