Tor Onion Service In A Reverse Proxy Environment

This article describes a possible implementation design of a Tor Onion Service on an already existing web service behind an HTTPS reverse proxy. The goal is to have the same reverse proxied site available over the regular web as well as over the Tor network but without any security compromises on either connection way. The scenario is a server with nginx as reverse proxy and a web service bound to localhost. »

New Keypair

Just created a brand new OpenPGP key. You will find a copy in the About Me section. I decided to create a 8k RSA keypair mostly for the following reasons: ECC does currently not work in my communication environment. I first created a 256 bit ECC keypair but sadly had to find out that only GnuPG >= 2.1 (released end-2014) supports this fully but many people and systems rely on older GnuPG. »